From the recording Here Goes Something

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music by Robin Mordecai
Lyrics by Robin Mordecai & Amber Anthony


Verse 1:
She wakes up on Monday morning, stumbles out of bed
Then the alarm clocks rings and she’s in love once again.
Tuesday comes with a new face and he’s got a better smile
Wednesday’s exotic, I think he’s gonna steal her for a little while.
Thursday drives a cool car, maybe he’ll go real far
Friday comes along to sweep her off her feet

She’s got it all, the looks,
the brains, the walk, the talk, but I don’t see
why she’s always falling for
The very first guy she meets
She wastes her time playing games
That she will never beat
Now there she goes again
Love on Repeat

Verse 2:
The weeks, they pass by her so fast and the faces always change
She’s always falling in love, but love, it never stays the same
With each kiss brings a new hope of everlasting bliss
But in the morning she is wondering just what she missed to see
And why it has to be a complicated mess of faces
Like she’s drowning in the sea



She’s got it all, the looks,
The brains, the walk, the talk, but I don’t see
Why she’s falling for these guys