About Us

Fable Records is one of the oldest independent record labels in Texas fast approaching into our 50th year.  Fable is a family of musicians with a story that chronicles the Spirit of Austin music back to when its synergy was just beginning to cast its spell over the world. 

In 1973 and into 1979 Mike Mordecai and a small  team of enthusiastic young music innovators put out a series of vinyl 45s - local Austin groups like Zeus, Rick Sheffield and Zilker Sunday – Mike’s rock/jazz fusion band with saxman, John Mills.
In 1975 they made a bold move to put out 3 albums in a month with three hot local bands Steam Heat, 47 Times Its on Weight and Starcrost – Mills and Mordecai’s then latest project. Fable Records manufactured 1000 copies of each.  It was at this point Mike decided to make it official.  This Trilogy, hailed by Billboard Magazine as the turning point for contemporary jazz in Austin, put Fable Records and Austin’s Jazz Fusion and funk scene on the national radar.  

Today the trilogy continues to be a coveted find by vinyl collectors across the globe.  In 2006 Creole Stream Music in Tokyo reached out to us wanting to re-issue the Trilogy in CD format.  Their enthusiasm for the music rekindled the attention and garnered new fans across Japan and Europe.  Then, in 2018 we teamed up with UK label Jazzman Records to reissue the trilogy on vinyl for the first time since 1976.  We're so excited to have this offered to music fans in Europe and around the globe.  To Hitoshi and to Gerald and Malachi we say thank you so very much!

Fable Records continues to offer authentically Austin bred Jazz, Rock and Funk.