Celebrating "International Eddy Day"

Sunday, July 9 at 8:30p

The band hits the stage following the Iconic Uranium Savages.  An always killer double bill!  Don't miss it!

SLRadio Interviews the Band

Their latest EP, "All the Way Gone"

Check out the chat that went down this morning on Austin's KLBJ FM!  Todd Jeffries and crew talking up the show tonight at One-2-One.  Awesome!

Bruce Spelman - Lead Vocals
Mike Barnes - Lead Guitar
Brad Taylor - Bass
Neil Pederson - Keyoards
Eddie Cantu - Drums
James Fenner - Percussion
Steven Vague - Saxophone
Ken Mills - Trombone
Steve Butts - Trumpet

Extreme Heat has been celebrated with a 40 Year Retrospective on exhibit at the South Austin Popular Culture Center.  Join them Sunday, Dec 4 as they close it out with a big celebration!