Fable Records, Texas’ oldest Jazz record label, is pleased to announce the re-release of the Steam Heat album, Austin Funk. On August 21st, 2008, members of Steam Heat – as well as legendary jazz icons Starcrost and 47 X Its Own Weight – will reunite for the first time in 30 years for a special live performance with Beto and the Fairlanes.

The show, titled A MIGHTY BLOW, is in memory of “Mambo” John Treanor and pianist/composer Bill Ginn.

These legendary Austin bands were at the forefront of Austin music in the 70s, performing at venues such as Armadillo World Headquarters, Soap Creek, Castle Creek, Rome Inn, Boondocks, and Alliance Wagon Yard and touring throughout central Texas and Colorado. Billboard magazine said the musicians on Fable Records had “significantly redrawn Austin’s musical map . . . turning this Mecca of progressive country music toward contemporary jazz.”

Thirty plus musicians will reunite for this special performance, most of which have remained in the music business and still perform today. Collectively, these musicians have a list of credits that include international touring engagements with acts such as Aretha Franklin, Chris Isaak, Blood Sweat & Tears, Diana Ross, Willie Nelson, Jerry Jeff Walker, and Gary P. Nunn. This reunion concert will rekindle friendships and re-create musical magic.

A Mighty Blow, the official CD release party, will begin at 9:00pm at Threadgills World Headquarters located at 301 W. Riverside Dr. in Austin, Texas. The first set will be split between 47 X Its Own Weight and Starcrost. Steam Heat will add fuel to the Fable fire with a feature set and Beto and the Fairlanes will close the night with everyone back up for a grand finale.

Mediatech Institute’s mobile recording truck will be conducting a live recording of the event and Infynit Media Group will be filming documentary footage. Advanced tickets are available for purchase at Threadgills. Austin Funk is available for purchase online through the marketplace and in-store at Waterloo Records.

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